The Death and Life of Monterey Bay
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"Palumbi and Sotka bring to life a rich cast of characters from five centuries to tell the story of Monterey Bay's discovery, destruction, and redemption. A marvelous take, beautifully told."

—CALLUM ROBERTS, Professor of Marine Conservation, University of York and author of The Unnatural History of the Sea


"In a world of too many problems and too few solutions, Monterey Bay, California bucks the trend. It's better now than a century ago, and the vision of what can happen when stubborn people set their minds to something makes this story not just of a great place, but also of inspiration that can work in many places."

—CARL SAFINA, author of Song for the Blue Ocean and The View From Lazy Point


"Just as the Monterey Bay Aquarium now exhibits the wonder of marine life in the unique environment of Monterey Bay, Palumbi and Sotka turn back the pages of time to illuminate the fall and rise of the sea otter population; the lives of the local squid and abalones; the men and women who lived and worked here; the whales that came (and still come) to visit; the collapse of the sardine canneries; and how the dilapidated Hovden cannery was transformed into the best aquarium in America."

—RICHARD ELLIS, author of The Empty Ocean and Tuna: A Love Story